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Juliana Paes

“There's Disney, which is amazing, and there's Disney with Mimo Trips, which is also amazing, perfect. I don't want to come without you anymore! ”- Juliana Paes

Giovanna Antonelli

“I learned from traveling with children what an essential organization! Trips including parks… not to mention, impossible not to have someone help plan! I lived it now with @mimotrips that was impeccable ♥ ️ Screenplay, park guide, ticket purchase, concierge, everything. ”- Giovanna Antonelli


“Thank you Mimo Trips for always being at the parks.” -Kaka

Léo Santana & Lorena Improta

“We really wanted to thank Mimo Trips, thanks for the tour, the reception, they made it all faster: FastPass, ticket, super indicated!” -Léo Santana and Lorena Improta


“Do like me and schedule your trip to Orlando with Mimo Trips.”

Jade Barbosa & Flávia Saraiva

“Thank you @mimotrips for the custom script and Universal Studios Tickets. They offer guides and all the personalization of the trip to Orlando! ”- Jade Barbosa

Roberto Justus

“Thank you Mimo Trips” -Roberto Justus

Rodrigo Faro

“Traveling to Disney has never been so enjoyable with Mimo Trips. They offer advice and personalized escort at the parks so you can enjoy the best of the most magical city in the world. ”-Rodrigo Faro

Paulo Gustavo

“Thank you @MimoTrips for the assistance at Disney” -Paulo Gustavo

Flávia Alessandra

“The whole Disney dream was only possible with the Mimo Trips staff who give all the assistance in Orlando, everything you can imagine, making this experience more exciting.” -Flavia Alessandra

Thaynara Og

“Mimo Trips thank you so much!” -Thaynara Og