virtual tour

We offer VIRTUAL TOURS with online advice at Orlando theme parks with all the logistics to avoid queues and other setbacks.

Your time is valuable! Do not waste time lost in the park. VIRTUAL TOUR with Brazilian guide, experienced and skilled in park logistics to optimize time in queues.


VIRTUAL TOUR is an exclusive service offered by Mimo Trips’ guide team with online service directing you to the best attractions, shows, parades, restaurants and shops in Orlando’s parks. The guide will be in constant contact for 6 (six) hours.

You and your family / group will be closely monitored by a qualified tour guide with experience in itinerary and queue optimization logistics. Plus we set up a roadmap in the park so you don’t waste your time in the park and get to the point without wasting your valuable moment. We also give you tips on restaurants, shops and more.

VIRTUAL TOUR connects the professional tour guide with families and groups in theme parks according to the profile of each group. Our VIRTUAL TOURS last 6 hours and during this time, the guide will guide the family / group to the main attractions, optimizing queue time through logistics to minimize setbacks.

We will add to your park itinerary a logistics idealized by our team throughout the MONITORING, during the period of 6 hours, to avoid mishaps and long lines.

To schedule a MONITORING, please contact us via email. or by number +1(407) 462-8024 (WhatsApp). The reservation can also be made by completing the form on our reservation page. ​clicking here.

Due to the large crowds, we recommend booking VIRTUAL TOUR in advance to plan your visit to the parks.

VIRTUAL TOUR options are:

  • 10am to 4pm
  • 11am to 5pm
  • 12am to 6pm

The minimum duration of the VIRTUAL TOUR is six (6) consecutive hours per park.

Payment is made on the last day of the MONITORING. We offer two forms of payment:

  • (1) In cash on the last day.
  • (2) Credit card (add 5% of card fee). Payment can be made directly with guide.

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